• 1909

    I started to work in spetember 1909: you worked 11 hours per day, most of the time y ou had two hours of extraordinary work. In november they killed in Spain Francisco Fe rrer. In Trieste, we had a general strike and this was the first strike i was involved in . F rom then on, you can say i lived every single day in the social struggle. I was 14 years o ld.


  • Fascists a San Giacomo

    A fascist squad went on to terrorize the popular neighborhood of San Giacomo. They went up the gallery, do you have anything? Anything meant any bombs, guns. We had fi ve bombs, we took them all. Don't move, stay still untill i tell you, now!!

    Four exploded, in the middle of the fascist squad.

  • Who will be the last one remaini ng?

    In Trieste we used to see the old ones dying, and no new comers were around, Shit, at th e end we will be the last ones. Who will be the last? We used irony. Around 1969 , they came to meet us in the caffe, and we started to talk...

    and i became faithful...

An Anarchist Life

An Anarchist Life, Italy

If you want to support the documentary project of Umberto Tommasini you can pre-purchase a copy on DVD at a cost of 10 euro. The DVD will be available after completion of production, is important for us every single contribution.

  • Runtime: 52'
  • Price: € 10,00
  • Worker, fighter, militant, prisoner, conspirator, soldier, confined, bomber, escaped ... this and much more is Umberto Tommasini, blacksmith anarchist, travelling through the twentieth century driven by human energy and a contagious vitality. He is living in empathy with the world around him but at the same time he questions it totally. An approach is nowadays very rare. 

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